Industrial tours will be proposed under an extra fee. The programs will include Industrial Tour at one of the top companies operating in our region, as well as a typical Portuguese lunch and touristic program out of Porto. Buses with guide will depart from Porto (close to the Conference location, in downtown) and the program will take an entire day (June, 22nd 2023).

This is a good opportunity to learn a little bit more about technical issues related to Manufacturing, together with a little bit of Portuguese culture.

Expected companies (in progress):


Useful links to the companies and some information:

This company produces tires for automotive industry and huge industrial and agricultural machines. It is a huge company provided with sophisticated manufacturing means and an excellent level of organization. It allows a good panorama about what can be done in terms of autoamtion towards Industry 4.0.

This company produces paint and food industry cand for a large variety of industries, namely, paint industry, lubricants industry and food industry. These products are produced at very high-speed and in a full-automated way.

This company produces high-quality and very innovative faucets in a very interesting automatic way, using a lot of very interesting processes provided with different different levels of automation, from fundry to polishing processes.