FAIM 2023 Organizers wish to reward the best works presented at the conference. To this end, four different awards were created, with the support of MDPI through different journals, as follows:

1. Best short paper: 500 CHF (Journal Actuators)
2. Best extended paper (3 winners): 500 CHF (journal Machines) + 500 CHF (journal Metals+ 300 CHF (journal Systems)
3. Best set of Presentation + Extended paper: 500 CHF (journal Actuators
4. Best Presentation (2 winners): 500 CHF (journal Machines) + 500 CHF (journal Metals)

A certificate will be given to each winner during the Gala Dinner.

The works will be evaluated based on the scores obtained in the peer-review process (Short papers) and following FAIM Charter.

Stand MDPI

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