FAIM 2022 Special Sessions and Instructions

Organizers: Anil Srivastava (the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley) Zhenhua (David) Wu (Virginia State University)

Organizers: F. Frank Chen (the University of Texas at San Antonio) and Zhenhua (David) Wu (Virginia State University)

Organizers: Michele Calì (University of Catania) and Rita Ambu (Università degli studi di Cagliari)

  • Enabling technologies toward cyber-based product customization

Organizers: Kyoung-Yun Kim (Wayne State University), Karl Haapala (Oregon State University), Gary Koenig (University of Virginia), Gul Kremer (Iowa State University)

  • Digital Convergent Manufacturing by Hybridization of additive manufacturing technology (Call for Papers)

Organizers: Mohamed El Mansori (Arts et Metiers Paristech) and Nan Kang (Arts et Metiers Paristech)

  • Multi-material additive manufacturing

Organizers: Md. Hazrat Ali (Nazarbayev University)

  • Robotic disassembly

Organizers: Mozafar Saadat (University of Birmingham)

Special Sessions Paper Submission Instructions:

Please follow the full paper submission guideline as shown in https://www.faimconference.org/submissions/paper-submission

Authors can select either “full paper with” or “without prior abstract acceptance” for their submission.

During the submission process using ConfTool (https://www.conftool.com/faim2022/), please assure selecting the special session option and indicate the title of the special session as shown below. Please include the title in Remarks on This Contribution as well.

Special session selection